Common House is a member focused community where people can share ideas and make connections in physical and digital spaces, while upholding their values of diversity and respect. More than a membership, the Houses provide an inclusive space to dine, work, and find inspiration in your city.


We’re proud to announce a partnership with Common House offering professional grade production services to its members through our PodLabs program. Learn more about our packages, CH membership, upcoming locations, and impact stories below!    


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charlottesville, VA
chattanooga, TN
    early 2021

richmond, VA
Oct. 2020



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the bridge
sustainable culture lab

capital fringe
dc public schools

common house 

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we are +++we believe creativity is the natural resource that binds our communities together. we are an ecosystem of creative creatures. an organism that grows in direct support of one another. if you’re a creature looking for inspiration, a habitat or a space to create authentically, welcome home.