a creative ecosystem.

“to create today is to create dangerously.  Any publication is an act, and that act exposes one to the passions of an age that forgives nothing.”
(albert camus)


︎the pillars that guide our purpose as humans, team members and creative endeavors. Caandor exists because we believe purpose driven companies have the most captivating stories and deserve content that inspires impact.
what inspires you?

meet our creatures ︎

this is a moss.

moss belkessam is our founder & creative  director. he designs the creations that come out of our lab. 

  1. adobe creative type ︎thevisionary︎
  2. hipster band name ︎ cats are the currency
  3. natural habitat ︎algeria
  4. favorite book ︎ the untethered soul
  1. content right now ︎ creatures zine issue001
  2. inspiration ︎london fogs from tryst
  3. skillz ︎ InDesign, Ps, Xd, wordpress, and human interaction

this is a bakari.

bakari ibrahim is our founder & chief production officer. he engineers the creations that come out of our lab.

  1. adobe creative type︎thedreamer ︎
  2. hipster band name ︎ the pretty brown eyes
  3. natural habitat ︎ delaware 
  4. favorite book ︎ the inner city mother goose
  1. content right now ︎ the spook who sat by the door
  2. inspiration ︎ blaxploitation films and saturday morning cartoons 
  3. skilz ︎ podcasting, audio engineering, logic pro, premiere pro, after effects, live stream studio, wordplay

this is a maps.

maps glovers is our content specialist. he imagines the creations that come out of lab.

  1. adobe creative type ︎ visionary ︎
  2. hipster band name ︎ limited lip options
  3. natural habitat ︎ the globe
  4. favorite book ︎ create dangerously
  1. content right now ︎ #activated podcast
  2. inspiration ︎carmen san diego 
  3. skillz ︎ numb chucks, photoshop, visual art, dance, the pen, the brush

this is a tjc.

the josh craig is our wildcard. he specalizes in everything and engineers the production that come out of lab.

  1. adobe creative type ︎ artist ︎
  2. hipster band name ︎ the old news
  3. natural habitat ︎ tropics
  4. favorite book ︎ Weird NJ
  1. content right now ︎ print media / audio world building
  2. inspiration ︎birds in flight
  3. skillz ︎ Creation, collaboration & concentration

this is an antonio. 

antonio caro is our expert content dev   creature. he specalizes in storytelling and getting  to the “why” for  our clients. 

  1. adobe creative type ︎ visionary ︎
  2. hipster band name ︎
    Had me at Arepa
  3. natural habitat ︎
    Inside a Taco Al Pastor
  4. favorite book ︎
    100 Years of Solitude

  1. content right now ︎ the Dave Chang Show Podcast
  2. inspiration ︎
    Food, Familia, Latinidad, 90s Hip Hop Playlist on Spotify
  3. skillz ︎ Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Storytelling, Writing, Visual Arts, Connecting.

this is a candace.

candace  is our expert branding & content strategist. she specalizes in getting to the core of our clients  content value and  purpose

  1. adobe creative type ︎ thinker ︎
  2. hipster band name ︎
    CLSQ (its Classiq, but edgy because we dropped the vowels)
  3. natural habitat ︎ You know Marvin Gaye's "I want you" album cover? Anywhere with that energy is natural for me.
  4. favorite book ︎ American Gods by Neil Gaiman
  5. content right now ︎
    Mailchimp's webseries and podcasts. They're clever and its a genius content strategy play
  1. inspiration ︎Lori Gottlieb. She's a film/tv exec turned therapist and wrote the memoir "Maybe You Should Talk to Someone," which has been picked up by ABC to become a series. I'm inspired because my own background dances at the intersection of psychology and storytelling
  2. skillz ︎ Content Strategy, Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Writing, Storytelling, On-Air Talent, Wearing the same thing 5x in different ways


Jungwoo. Guy. Abby. Raymond.   They ‘re all rock stars and can’t wait to see what they create next.  with or without us! (hopefully with tho 🥴 ) 

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a collective of creatives that we collaborate with any chance we get. 

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we are +++we believe creativity is the natural resource that binds our communities together. we are an ecosystem of creative creatures. an organism that grows in direct support of one another. if you’re a creature looking for inspiration, a habitat or a space to create authentically, welcome home.